Note: The following answer is valid for JxBrowser versions older than 6.16. Starting from the 6.16 version, the library detects the missing dependencies automatically on startup, using the ldd command if it is available in the environment.

The most common reason for the described error message is the missing dependencies in the environment where you are trying to run JxBrowser. To check whether there are any missing dependencies, the following steps must be performed:

1. Extract the jxbrowser-linux32-<version>.jar/jxbrowser-linux64-<version>.jar JAR files with the Chromium binaries. The archives can have the following names: chromium-linux32.xz, chromium-linux64.xz, chromium-linux32.7z, chromium-linux64.7z

2. Extract the archives into a folder (e.g. ~/jxbrowser_bin)

3. Go to the folder with the unpacked files (e.g. cd ~/jxbrowser_bin)

4. Run the following command: 

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ldd jxbrowser-chromium

The command will show you the list of the jxbrowser-chromium dependencies. Some of them can be marked as not found

If there are some dependencies which were not found, you must install them and run JxBrowser again.