Note: Advice in this article will only work for JxBrowser 6. See the corresponding article for JxBrowser 7 here.

A free 30-days Evaluation Licence you can request using web form on the product web page.

When you request a free 30-days evaluation licence file, you get an email message with the link to download a licence.jar file. To start the evaluation of JxBrowser you just need to include this licence.jar into your Java application class path.

Note: the 30-days evaluation period starts right after you request an Evaluation Licence using the web form. In 30 days the licence stops working. If you request another 30-days Evaluation Licence, it won't work in the environment where you already tried a previous, already expired Evaluation Licence.

Extending Evaluation Period

If you need to extend your evaluation period, then please contact Sales team at