JxBrowser provides functionality that allows you to execute commands such as "Cut", "Copy", "Paste", "Undo", "Redo", "Insert Text", etc. on the loaded web page. JxBrowser supports two types of commands: simple commands (e.g. "Copy", "Cut", "Paste") and parametrized commands ("InsertText", "FindString", etc.).

Most of commands can be executed only in a WYSIWYG editor (e.g. "FontSize", "ForegroundColor", "Bold", etc.), HTML text filed or text area ("InsertText", "Cut", "Delete", etc.).

To execute command you need to use the Browser.executeCommand(EditorCommand command) method to execute simple commands or the Browser.executeCommand(EditorCommand command, String value) method to execute parameterised command. 

browser.executeCommand(EditorCommand.INSERT_TEXT, "Text");

The list of all supported commands you can find in the EditorCommand enum.