Note: Advice in this article will only work for JxBrowser 6. See the corresponding article for JxBrowser 7 here.

JxBrowser allows you to save web pages as a file or set of files. You can use Browser.saveWebPage(String filePath, String dirPath, SavePageType saveType) method to save the current web page. Before saving make sure the page is loaded completely.

String filePath = "C:\\SavedPages\\index.html";
String dirPath = "C:\\SavedPages\\resources";
browser.saveWebPage(filePath, dirPath, SavePageType.COMPLETE_HTML);


import com.teamdev.jxbrowser.chromium.Browser;
import com.teamdev.jxbrowser.chromium.SavePageType;
import com.teamdev.jxbrowser.chromium.swing.BrowserView;

import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.*;

 * This sample demonstrates how to save the loaded web page.
public class SaveWebPageSample {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Browser browser = new Browser();
        BrowserView browserView = new BrowserView(browser);

        JFrame frame = new JFrame();
        frame.add(browserView, BorderLayout.CENTER);
        frame.setSize(700, 500);

        browser.addLoadListener(new LoadAdapter() {
            public void onFinishLoadingFrame(FinishLoadingEvent event) {
                if (event.isMainFrame()) {
                    String filePath = "D:\\Test\\index.html";
                    String dirPath = "D:\\Test\\resources";
                    event.getBrowser().saveWebPage(filePath, dirPath, SavePageType.COMPLETE_HTML);