JxBrowser 6.1.1: Fixes and Improvements

JxBrowser 6.1.1 contains the following fixes and improvements:

  • Added support of undefined return value (JSUndefined) in JavaScript-Java Bridge API.
  • Fixed memory leak when creating and disposing Browser instance [swing, heavyweight, lightweight].
  • Fixed memory leak in JxBrowser DOM functionality [javafx, swing, heavyweight, lightweight].
  • Fixed issue when drop down menu doesn’t hide when moving frame with BrowserView component [javafx, swing, heavyweight, windows].
  • Fixed issue when web server doesn’t receive SSL Certificate.
  • Fixed issue when key bindings fire key events twice [swing, heavyweight].
  • Fixed issue when BrowserView doesn’t receive mouse and keyboard events [swing, heavyweight].
  • Fixed issue of the Certificate.getExtendedKeyUsage() method throwing NullPointerException in case when certificate does not have any extended key usages.
  • Fixed issue with JavaScript throwing “No Java objects are associated with the given JavaScript property” error when accessing a registered Java object in JavaScript-Java Bridge.
  • Fixed issue with native crash in Chromium engine on Mac OS X when setting focus to BrowserView component [swing, heavyweight, mac].
  • Fixed issue with native crash in Chromium engine when moving BrowserView from one window into another [swing, heavyweight, windows].
  • Fixed issue with native crash in Chromium engine when opening/closing popups in JTabbedPane [swing, heavyweight].