JxBrowser 4.3.1 Release Notes

JxBrowser 4.3.1 contains the following features and improvements:

  • Support of ReadHat Linux 7 64-bit has been added.
  • Support of multi-threaded environment has been implemented.
  • Support of custom cursors has been implemented. See example.
  • The Browser.getFramesIds() method has been added. See example.
  • The Browser.findText(SearchParams params) and Browser.stopFindingText(StopFindAction action) methods have been implemented. See example.

  • Fixed issue when tooltips on a web page are not displayed.
  • Fixed issue when Chromium doesn’t recognize system proxy settings when they are configured to automatically detect proxy settings.
  • Fixed issue when invalid frame ID can be passed to the methods such as Browser.getDocument(long frameId), Browser.loadURL(long frameId, String url), Browser.getHTML(long frameId) etc. Now such methods throw IllegalArgumentException when frameId parameter is invalid.
  • Fixed NullPointerException when user drags and drops files over Browser component.
  • Fixed StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in the HttpHeadersImpl.buildFromString() method.
  • Fixed issue when calling the Browser.reload(true) method data doesn’t display confirmation dialog on a web page with POST that must be re-sent to a web server.

Download JxBrowser 4.3.1