JxBrowser 4.2.1 Release Notes

JxBrowser 4.2.1 contains the following features and improvements:
  • The CacheStorage.clearCache() method has been implemented. You can use it to clear Browser’s cache data during program execution. See example.
  • The DOMNode.click() method has been added. See example.
  • The Product.getVersion() method has been added. You can use it to get information about JxBrowser build and version. See example.
  • The Browser.executeCommand() method has been added. This method allows you to execute different commands on the web page such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, Unselect, Insert Text etc. See example.
  • Support for Japanese IME on Windows platforms has been added.
  • Support for JxBrowser deploying via Mac *.app bundle has been implemented. Now you can deploy your Java application with JxBrowser library on Mac OS X platform as *.app file.
  • Improved rendering performance. Now rendering works 10 times faster on all platforms.
  • Improved rendering stability on Mac OS X and Linux platforms.
  • Fixed issue when it’s not possible to create, dispose and create Browser instance again.
  • Fixed issue when "Too many open files" message dialog appears on Mac OS X during program execution. 

Download JxBrowser 4.2.1

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