JxBrowser 3.3 Release Notes

New features

  • Added Windows 8 32/64-bit environment support for IE, Mozilla and Mozilla15;
  • Added JDK 1.7 support on Mac OS X for Mozilla and Mozilla15;
  • Added the DOMElement.setInnerHTML(String html) method in IE, Mozilla and Mozilla15.


  • Added default button for default authentication dialog;
  • Added equivalent of Enum methods in the BrowserType class;
  • Fixed issue when Browser events listener swallows exceptions;
  • Fixed access denied issue when initialize Browser instance.

Mozilla15 engine:

  • Added support of HistoryChangeListener;
  • Added focus traversal support in JDK 1.7;
  • Fixed AbstractMethodError in Proxy functionality;
  • Fixed native crash on application exit.
Mozilla engine:
  • Fixed native crash on application exit;
  • Fixed AbstractMethodError in Proxy functionality.
Ineternet Explorer engine:
  • Improved focus traversal so it supports PDF documents;
  • Fixed Browser hang on closing the window that produces JavaScript error;
  • Fixed AbstractMethodError in Proxy functionality;
  • Fixed issue when Browser stuck on JavaScript error;
  • Fixed IllegalStateException on closing popup window;
  • Fixed incorrect target element in context menu for zoomed document;
  • Fixed application hang caused by JavaScript modal dialogs;
  • Fixed application hang on JVM 64-bit when UI is displayed in AuthenticationHandler;
  • Fixed issue when NavigationFinished event is not invoked;
  • Fixed issue when Proxy functionality modifies system proxy settings in 64-bit;
  • Fixed StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on JavaScript error in 64-bit;
  • Fixed unexpected NullPointerException in Structure.clone in 64-bit.
Safari engine:
  • Added JTabbedPane support for JDK 1.7.
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