JxBrowser 2.0 Release Notes

New Features:

  • Unified API for multiple browser engine support
  • Added Internet Explorer engine support for Windows platforms
  • Added Apple Safari (WebKit) engine support for Mac OS X platforms
  • Added the Browser.waitReady() method that allows blocking the current thread execution until web page is loaded completely
  • Added "Cancel navigation" functionality



  • Added Mozilla XULRunner background deployment functionality
  • Added Mac OS X 10.6 support


Known Limitations:

  • Apple Safari (WebKit) engine does not provide DOM access yet (will be added in JxBrowser 2.2 planned for February 2010)
  • Apple Safari (WebKit) engine does not receive JavaScript error notifications (to be added in JxBrowser 2.2)
  • Mozilla engine doesn't support MIME type handling functionality yet (to be added in JxBrowser 2.1 planned for January 2010)

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